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Plateau (2)

Альбом: Plateau (2) - 1985-88

Жанр: Electronic 
Стиль: Experimental 
Этот альбом вышел на лейбле Collective Jyrk (каталожный номер none)
Релиз выпущен в 2006 году. US

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# Название трека Продолжительность Информация о файле трека Купить трек в iTunes Текст песни Табы, аккорды
1 Density Arch 11:55
mp3   zip
2 Rastec 5:47
mp3   zip
3 Strata 6:05
mp3   zip
4 Reeling 6:10
mp3   zip
5 Circles 4:46
mp3   zip
6 Landscape With Coffe Birds 3:08
mp3   zip
7 Druid 1987 6:33
mp3   zip
8 Throwing An Ass Offa Precipice / Subject To Change 7:14
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В записи альбома "1985-88" принимали участие артисты:

James Jacobs (Cello, Performer [Vibrator, Shivan], Vocals, треки 1 to 6),  Mike Shannon (2) (Erhu, Bass, Guitar, Performer [El Razor], Vocals),  Hal Hughes (Fiddle, Trumpet, Talking Drum, Guitar, Performer [Vibrator], Vocals),  Jay Paget (Guitar, Performer [Vibrator], Percussion, Vocals, Recorded By, треки 1 to 6),  Robin Lande (Performer [Lady Schick El Razor, Boot], Vocals, треки 1 to 6),  Robert Horton (2) (Performer [Lapharp, Boot, Shivan, El Razor, Vibrator], Synthesizer [Casio Mt-88], Vocals, Electronics, Tape, Composed By),  Chelley Bon Durant (Vocals, Guitar, Performer [Vibrator, Rocks], треки 1 to 6),  Carey Da Roza (Vocals, Performer [Rocks, Lapharp, Vibrator], треки 1 to 6),  Tony Calvo (Alto Saxophone),  Carol Yarbrough (French Horn),  Sandra Edge Ladley (Vocals), 

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