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Before The Rain

Альбом: Before The Rain - ...One Day Less

Жанр: Rock 
Стиль: Doom Metal  Death Metal 
Этот альбом вышел на лейбле Major Label Industries (каталожный номер MLI1002)
Релиз выпущен в 2007-06-30 году. Portugal

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# Название трека Продолжительность Информация о файле трека Купить трек в iTunes Текст песни Табы, аккорды
1 Wounds Of Rejection 12:10
mp3   zip
2 You... My Ruin 6:41
mp3   zip
3 Paragraph 3:33
mp3   zip
4 Frameless 9:54
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5 Be Mine 16:01
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6 One Day Less 17:57
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В записи альбома "...One Day Less" принимали участие артисты:

Phobos Anomaly (Artwork By),  Pedro Daniel (Bass),  Gonçalo Correia (Drums),  Hugo Santos (Guitar),  Valter Cunha (Guitar),  Thomas Eberger (Mastered By),  João Bacelar (Mixed By),  Before The Rain (Producer),  João Bacelar (Producer),  João Bacelar (Recorded By),  Carlos D'Agua (Vocals), 

Видео клипы Before The Rain - ...One Day Less:

  • Before The Rain - Wounds of Rejection

    From "...One Day Less" album (2007). Lyrics: If I fall, will you follow? For I am down If you fall, I will follow, Cause I am a part of you My wounds will bleed, From ...

  • Before The Rain - You... My Ruin

    From "...One Day Less" album (2007) Lyrics: Your silver tears fall On a garden at your feet Giving to the withered flowers A taste of your eyes so sweet. My flesh ...

  • Before The Rain - Paragraph

    From "...One Day Less" album (2007). Lyrics: Time unfolds like unconscious writing, A universe of words Gathered by the fragile consistence of paper. A godlike ...

  • Before The Rain - Frameless

    From "...One Day Less" album (2007) Lyrics: Shrouded, this mirror for the blind to see Crowded dominions, Gather them to see Asunder, This distance come ...

  • Peggy Luck - The Rain That Is Mine (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO ) - 2019 - 4K

    A song about finding luck in cold rainy nights. https://li.sten.to/xlNtQar CREDITS Director, DOP, Editor: Chris Miera Producer: Philipp Schwabe Assistence, ...

  • Before The Rain - One Day Less

    From "...One Day Less" album (2007). Lyrics: Dusted paintings. Sombre images of yesterday These memories, chased by winds and clouds Take me to consider, ...

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