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Spider Babies

Альбом: Spider Babies - The Arachnophonic Sounds Of...

Жанр: Rock 
Стиль: Garage Rock 
Этот альбом вышел на лейбле Screaming Apple (каталожный номер SCAP-030)
Релиз выпущен в 1994 году. Germany

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A1 Stop Your Messing 'Round With My Head ?
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A2 What I Mean ?
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B1 Telling Me Lies ?
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B2 I Don't Like You ?
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  • Spider Babies - stop your messing 'round with my head

    the arachnophonic sound off... 7'' EP.


    You always hear that spiders can crawl into your mouth while you're sleeping! It may just be true! A spider in mouth can be a nightmare to some, so make sure ...

  • Lucas The Spider - Scary Stories

    Lucas the Spider has been waiting all day and night for a new friend to fly into his web. No sign of anyone yet. He's found book of scary stories to keep him ...

  • If You’re Scared of Spiders, Don’t Watch This | National Geographic

    A video shot in South Australia captures hundreds of baby wolf spiders dispersing after their mother is squashed by a broom. Click here to read the simple ...

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