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Messiah (5)

Альбом: Messiah (5) - Choir Of Horrors

Жанр: Rock 
Стиль: Thrash  Death Metal 
Этот альбом вышел на лейбле Metal Mind Records (каталожный номер MASS 0167)
Релиз выпущен в 1995 году. Poland

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# Название трека Продолжительность Информация о файле трека Купить трек в iTunes Текст песни Табы, аккорды
A1 Choir Of Horrors 4:55
mp3   zip
A2 Akasha Chronicle 3:55
mp3   zip
A3 Weeping Willow 5:21
mp3   zip
A4 Lycantropous Erectus 3:21
mp3   zip
A5 Munchhausen Syndrom 5:08
mp3   zip
B1 Cautio Criminalis 4:27
mp3   zip
B2 Northern Command 4:02
mp3   zip
B3 Weena 6:47
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В записи альбома "Choir Of Horrors" принимали участие артисты:

Patrick Hersche (Bass),  Steve Karrer (Drums),  R.B. Broggi (Guitar),  Sven Conquest (Producer, Mixed By, Engineer),  Andy Kaina (Vocals),  R.B. Broggi (Written-By),  Andy Kaina (Written-By),  R.B. Broggi (Written-By),  Andy Kaina (Written-By),  R.B. Broggi (Written-By),  Andy Kaina (Written-By),  R.B. Broggi (Written-By),  R.B. Broggi (Written-By),  R.B. Broggi (Written-By),  Sven Conquest (Keyboards),  R.B. Broggi (Written-By),  Andy Kaina (Written-By),  R.B. Broggi (Written-By), 

Видео клипы Messiah (5) - Choir Of Horrors:

  • Messiah choir of horrors full

  • Messiah (Swi) - Akasha Chronicle (Live 1991)

  • Messiah - Choir of Horrors 03 Weeping Willow

    Lyrics : Babylon you must die In god's fire You can't survive Hell has arrived Once a thriving town, now rubble and ashes Hungry homeless human, sitting on ...

  • Messiah - Choir of Horrors 04 Lycantropus Erectus

    Lyrics : Overpowered by his tendency for evil A man drew out an ancient magic formula Painted two circles on the ground And burned pine and poplar Other ...

  • Messiah - Choir of Horrors 05 Munchhausen Syndrom

    Messiah - Munchhausen Syndrom / Choir of Horrors Whatever the woman in black does Her hands are covered by silk gloves She's a lady that looks elegant'n ...

  • Messiah - Choir of Horrors 06 Cautio Criminalis

    Lyrics : Shadowed and veiled in various colors Maiden worthy of love so rich in joys Let her please you with devilish golden hair As the witch for a faithful dead ...

  • Messiah - Choir of Horrors 07 Northern Command


  • Messiah - Choir of Horrors 08 Weena

    Lyrics : I'm afraid of the night, helpless The forest is drenched in sinister fog My home is in the mountains, without civilisation I have no contact to the outside ...

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