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007 (3)


Также известно как: DJ 007, DJ 007 (3), Konstantine
Группа в интернете: http://promodj.com/DJ007, http://www.drumandbass.ru/artists/007, http://www.myspace.com/dj007akagunsta, http://soundcloud.com/dj007akakonstantine, http://www.facebook.com/dj007spb, https://vk.com/dj007spb

Дискография 007 (3):

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Gunsta MP3 Vol.3 - Jungle Bells 82 audio iTunes 2006
2 Jungle Bells 26 audio iTunes 2005
3 Gunsta 5 Years - Drum And Bass Mix 24 audio iTunes 2005
4 Cool September - After Summer Soulful Mix 18 audio iTunes Gunsta Records
5 Tunnel Vision - Back2Back 17 audio iTunes 2003 Tunnel
6 New Galaxy 2 audio iTunes 2012-05-31 Audio Boutique (2)
7 Gunsta 7 Years On Fire 23 audio iTunes 2007
8 DnB 38 audio iTunes 2006 Stereozvuk
9 Cool September 2 17 audio iTunes 2006
10 Musicismysoul III 20 audio iTunes 2005
11 Gunsta 7 Years On Fire MP3 4 audio iTunes 2007

Russian Drum & Bass DJ Producer & Designer. [a=Gunsta] promo group & label owner, founded in 2000. DJ 007 - the Artist whose role in development of Petersburg Drum & Bass scene is complex for overestimating. He possesses a really enormous experience of playing, a perfect technique and, that perhaps, is the main a thing for DJ, - he has impeccable taste in selection of the material. His serious and thoughtful approach to the playing, delicate feeling of mood, these are the things which favorably stand dj 007 out in row of the Saint-Petersburg DJ’s and do him 1 for the experienced judges of Jungle music. DJ 007 does not want to limit his creative potential with the frames of the dj-ing. Therefore he is actively being engaged in producing since 2002. Tracks, written under pseudonym Gunsta and 007 possess the recognized sounding and the most brightly reflect its vision of Drum & Bass music. Within the limits of producing activity, Dj 007 closely cooperates with other representatives of the musical industry of Russia. He is also one of the founders of the label “Gunsta records” and the constant participant of such global actions as The Global Gathering, World of Drum & Bass (Russia), the Pirate Station, Therapy session (Russia), Vspishka, Ceh, Vostochni udar, DJ Parade, Russian Drum & Bass Convention, Global Drum & Bass, Kazantip, Open-air of the year, Copper lake and etc. At present he is the resident of the Tunnel Club, he continues to play on the one scene with all the most relevant Drum & Bass dj’s of the planet, to travel across Russia with tours, to be engaged in the writing and producing both his and another's Drum & Bass music and release of successful series of audio production.

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