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Klaus Jankuhn

Klaus Jankuhn

Также известно как: Dr Rhythm, J. Jankuhn, Jahn Kuhn, Jahnkuhn, Jan Kuhn, Janjuhn, Jankuhm, Jankuhn, Jankuhn, Klaus, Jankuhun, Juan Kuhn, K Jankhun, K Jankuhn, K. Jahnkuhn, K. Jankhun, K. Jankuhn, K. Jankuhun, K.Jankuhn, K.Jankūns, Klau Jankuhn, Klaus, Klaus Jahnkuhn, Klaus Jan Kuhn, Laus Jankuhn
Группа в интернете: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaus_Jankuhn

Дискография Klaus Jankuhn:

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German Rave and Techno producer. Mostly worked as a co-producer for well-known artists such as [a=WestBam] and [a=Marusha]. Also well-known for the [a=Members Of Mayday] project, together with [a=WestBam].

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