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Das Ding

Danny Bosten

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/derfeind, http://das-d1n9.tumblr.com/, http://minimalwave.com/artists/artist/das-ding/

Дискография Das Ding:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement 8 audio iTunes 1982 Stichting Update Materials
2 Tear Apart Tapes N.01. C-20 4 audio iTunes 1982 Tear Apart Tapes
3 H.S.T.A. 8 audio iTunes 2012-10-00 Minimal Wave
4 Raid 2 audio iTunes 2013-01-19 Drop Of Blood Records
5 Sequencer 4 audio iTunes 2014 DHF
6 Triffid Farm 2 audio iTunes 2014-08-21 Seja

Das Ding is Danny Bosten, who was active in the early 1980s releasing his music and friends' music via his own cassette label called Tear Apart Tapes. While studying graphic design in art school, he designed all the tape covers himself. Meanwhile, he recorded his own music as Das Ding. Powerful dark electro, some tracks are quite addictive and danceable while others are more for at home listening enjoyment. Equipment - Moog Prodigy Roland CSQ-100 Boss DR-55 ARP Oddyssey Roland Space Echo Teac 4 track recorder Pearl Syncussion Sound Master Styx Rhythm Box Jen SX-1000 Some Casio organ-thing.

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