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Robin Storey

Robin Storey

Также известно как: R. Storey, Storey

Дискография Robin Storey:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Nail Of Pious Bride 5 audio iTunes 1999 Soleilmoon Recordings
2 Oedipus Brain Foil 23 audio iTunes 1999 Soleilmoon Recordings
3 Perfidious Albion 8 audio iTunes 1999-00-00 Soleilmoon Recordings
4 About Breathing 7 audio iTunes 2002 Caciocavallo
5 Robin Storey: Rapoon - Loops For ACID 3 audio iTunes 1999 Sonic Foundry
6 Evermore 7 audio iTunes 2011-03-31 Roedelius Musik
7 With An Ear And A Why 2 audio iTunes 2011-11-21 Tourette Records

Was born in 1955 in Cumbria, England. While studying fine arts at Sunderland University, he began pursuing a long-held interest in sound manipulation by taking classes in electronic and experimental composition, additionally joining with friends to perform the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen (a key influence, as were the Krautrock bands of the early 1970s). In 1980 Storey formed the pioneering industrial group Zoviet France, remaining a member until 1992; during that year, Storey issued the first Rapoon album, Dream Circle, its entrancing fusion of Indian ragas, African rhythms and experimental textures anticipating the evocative soundscapes of the many releases to follow. Also a noted visual artist, painter and animator, Storey's work was exhibited throughout the world, with two of his pieces on display at the Berlin Museum of Modern Art.

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