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Eddie O'Loughlin

Eddie O'Loughlin

Также известно как: E. O'Laughlin, E. O'Loughlin, Ed O'Laughlin, Ed O'Lougghlin, Ed O'Loughlin, Ed. O' Loughlin, Ed. O'Loughlin, Eddie "O", Eddie O, O'Loughlin
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Дискография Eddie O'Loughlin:

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Producer - remixer - record industry executive - label owner Co-founded [l=Midland International Records] and [l=Next Plateau Records Inc.] with a reputation for being a "hands on" music executive. International stars and Grammy winners signed by O'Loughlin include [a=Silver Convention], [a=Carol Douglas], [a=John Travolta], [a=Jenny Burton], [a=Sharon Brown], [a=Salt 'N' Pepa], [a=Paperboy], [a=Sybil], [a=Sweet Sensation], [a=KWS], [a=Boy Krazy] and others who have garnered over 40 Gold and Platinum certifications. After the sale of [l=Next Plateau Records Inc.], O'Loughlin joined [l=Tommy Boy Music] and was named Co-Head of A&R where he worked with the label's dance and urban roster and signed #1 Rap act, [a=Coo Coo Cal].

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