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Члены группы Collective: Marek Dulewicz, Piotr Sulikowski

Дискография Collective:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Album 14 audio iTunes 1999 Snake's Music
2 Collective Sing The Hits Made Famous By Modern Talking 17 audio iTunes 2000 D.J. Style
3 Irish Country 16 audio iTunes 1999 Elap Music

Marek Dulewicz - born 23.09.1971 r. Końskie (Poland), producer, guitarist, singer, music and lyrics by Piotr Sulikowski - born 09.08.1971 r. Zgierz (Poland), Singer, music and lyrics by Collective debuts in 1999 (single "Call Me (When You’re Sad)"). In 2000 changed its name to New Collective

Комментарии о Collective: