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Drue Williams

Drue Williams

Дискография Drue Williams:

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Drue is no stranger to "Starlight Express," he was in the original production in 1984 in London's West End production. Drue was then one of the National Trains as Hashamoto; he then played Dustin and finally Greaseball. Since then he has played "Greaseball" on-and-off in England, Germany and now in the US tour. Drue also played Dominique in Steven Schwartz's "The Baker's Wife." He played Gaston in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," Monty in "Saturday Night Fever," and was cast in Robert London's musical version of "The Fly" as the title role. He has produced and recorded his own CD. He sang ATB's cover of "Killer" by Seal and was number 4 in the British pop charts.

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