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Nelson Dilation

Также известно как: Dilation, N. Dilation, Sitar Funk Resident DJ Anokha

Дискография Nelson Dilation:

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One of the UK’s top world music producers/DJs in Europe for at least a decade, Nelson Dilation has done remixes for Earthtribe, Transglobal Underground, James Asher, Shiva Nova, Xangbetos, Baghdaddies and Astralasia. Also one of the founding members of 'Salon Oriental', he has worked with The Dohl Foundation, Talvin Singh, and was a resident DJ at the legendary Anohka Club throughout it’s success. He’s toured extensively with Transglobal Underground, Sitar Funk Club, Joji Hirota & Pete Lockett, and The Dhol Foundation, to name a few, and recent festivals have included Glastonbury and Lowlands Festival (Holland). His sound is a mixture of world styles predominantly Asian and Arabic mixed with a fusion of breakbeats, drum & bass, dub and retro psychedelic funk.

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