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Ziv Matushka

Ziv Matushka / זיו מטושקה

Также известно как: Z. Matushka, Z. Matuska, Z.Matuska, Ziv M., Ziv Matuska, Ziv Metushka, זיו מטושקה

Дискография Ziv Matushka:

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Ziv is a producer, engineer, programmer, and composer. He has lent his formidable talents to the albums of some of Israel's platinum pop and rock stars, including [a=Berry Sakharof] and Shlomo Artzi. In addition to working on his own projects, he seeks to develop young artists in electronic music through his own label, Bonnamusic. He is the two-time winner of the Shades of Dance Award and, when he’s not teaching or producing, he performs his original music live on synthesizers across Israel.

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