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Члены группы E-Play: Biljana Todorovski, Damjan Dašić, Danilo Nikodinovski, Goran Ljuboja, Maja Cvetković, Marko Milivojević, Nemanja Aćimović
Группа в интернете: http://www.eplaymusic.com/

Дискография E-Play:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 E-Play 12 audio iTunes 2000
2 Crime 12 audio iTunes 2005 PGP RTS
3 Drago Mi Je Da Smo Se Upoznali 10 audio iTunes 2009
4 Drago Mi Je Da Smo Se Upoznali 10 audio iTunes 2009 Cinema City
5 Obični Ljudi 11 audio iTunes 2013-12-08 Mikser Music
6 Obični Ljudi 11 audio iTunes 2014-03-00 Aquarius Records (2)

E-Play are: Biljana Todorovski - guitar, vocal Maja Cvetković - bass guitar, vocal Damjan Dašić - drums Marko Milivojević - groove box Danilo Nikodinovski - guitar (Consecration, Amaranth) Ex-members: Nemanja Aćimović - drums Sonja Lončar - keyboards The band began serious work in 1998, and soon thereafter - in 1999 at a demo band festival - E-play, won a recording award. E-play released their debut album in November of 1999, for the MCM records - the same label that organized the above-mentioned festival. Their second album ("[b]Crime[/b]") was released in 2005. The soundtrack for the movie [i]Munje![/i] included their song "[i]Prvi pogled tvoj[/i]" and the movie [i]Lavirint[/i] featured the song "[i]In the Middle[/i]". They also took a part on the soundtrack for movie [i]Potraga za sreć(k)om[/i]. The band provided the musical background for fashion shows, music festivals and performed many concerts in Serbia and Montenegro as well as abroad. Music performed by E-play is uniquely modern: drum and bass, techno, hard core, jazzy downtempo tracks...

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