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Modern Quartet

Igor Lečić, Daniel Mudrinski, Ivan Milinkov

Члены группы Modern Quartet: Igor Lečić, Ivan Milinkov, Mastabear
Группа в интернете: http://www.modernquartet.net/

Дискография Modern Quartet:

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MODERN QUARTET is a band who have been making music in Serbia for over ten years, creating a fusion of modern dance music with the distinctive rhythms of jazz that can be called electronic jazz. It is music for modern times, composed and synthesised on computers but also played live on stage and in clubs in multi-media performances that combine music, dance and video. The core members of Modern Quartet are Leche (Igor Lečić), Mastabear (Daniel Mudrinski) and Vanjus (Ivan Milinkov) three guys and three computers, who collaborate with various musicians depending on the nature of each project.

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