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Ray Diaz

Также известно как: "Little" Ray Diaz, Ray "Chinito" Díaz, Ray "El Chino" Diaz
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/raycdiaz

Дискография Ray Diaz:

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Ray "Chino" Diaz was born and raised in New York City, in the lower east side, little italy. A virtuoso guiro and tambora player, he maintains strong ties to his Caribbean heritage by preserving the authentic merengue rhythms of The Dominican Republic. Ray also plays conga, timbale, and bata, and is an accomplished audio re-mix engineer. His unique re-mix style fuses traditional Latin rhythms with contemporary electronic dance beats, and he has worked his digital magic for artists like [a=Enrique Iglesias] and the Latin Rapper "[a=El General]".

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