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Casimir Mühlematter

Также известно как: C.A., DJ C.A
Группа в интернете: http://www.djca.ch

Дискография DJ C.A.:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Orion 2 audio iTunes 2002 TranceTown Records
2 Futurescope 20 - FU20 16 audio iTunes 2002-06-07 TBA
3 Trance Fighter 17 audio iTunes 2002-01-11 TBA
4 Trance Fighter Strikes Back 17 audio iTunes 2002-12-13 TBA
5 Futurescope FU21 24 audio iTunes 2002-10-25 TBA
6 The Block In The Black 2 audio iTunes 1998 Reality Bites Records
7 Futurescope F-004 - Polar Expedition 19 audio iTunes 1995 TBA
8 Reminder 3 audio iTunes 1995
9 Futurescope FU11 23 audio iTunes 1999-06-11
10 Futurescope 10 - FU10: A New Era 31 audio iTunes 1999-02-18 TBA
11 Futurescope F-03.5 - Overheat! The Summer Edition 20 audio iTunes 1995 TBA
12 Futurescope Thirteen (F-013) 17 audio iTunes 2000-02-23 TBA
13 Futurescope Seven (F-007) 18 audio iTunes 1997-12-07
14 Futurescope FU16 18 audio iTunes 2001 TBA
15 Futurescope 12 17 audio iTunes 1999 TBA
16 Lightness / The T-Drums 3 audio iTunes 2004-01-00 TranceTown Records
17 Live Your Magic Dream 3 audio iTunes 2002-05-00 TranceTown Records
18 Futurescope 09 18 audio iTunes 1998-09-29 TBA
19 Futurescope Eight (F-008) 18 audio iTunes 1998-05-04 TBA
20 Futurescope 18 29 audio iTunes 2001 TBA
21 Futurescope 17 17 audio iTunes 2001 TBA
22 The Return Of The Trancefighter 18 audio iTunes 2004-01-09 TBA
23 Futurescope F-005 - Waterproof 21 audio iTunes 1996 TBA
24 Shiva – The Official Compilation – Mission 1 17 audio iTunes 2000-00-00 TBA
25 Futurescope F-006 - Full On! 18 audio iTunes 1997 TBA
26 Body & Soul 3 audio iTunes 1998 Reality Bites Records
27 Trance 2003 - The Hit Mix 18 audio iTunes 2003-10-17 TBA
28 Trance 2004 - The Hit Mix 26 audio iTunes 2004-10-22 TBA
29 The Attack 18 audio iTunes 2005-01-10 TBA
30 TF5 - The Battle Continues 17 audio iTunes 2006-01-00 TBA
31 Futurescope F-03.5 - Overheat! The Summer Edition 20 audio iTunes 1995 TBA
32 Futurescope 04 19 audio iTunes 1995 TBA
33 No. 15 2 audio iTunes DJ C.A. (Mixtape)
34 No. 21 2 audio iTunes DJ C.A. (Mixtape)
35 The Orion 3 audio iTunes 2002 TBA
36 No. 16 2 audio iTunes 1995 DJ C.A. (Mixtape)
37 Oktober 96 2 audio iTunes 1996 DJ C.A. (Mixtape)

[a=Casimir Mühlematter] alias DJ C.A. started his career in 1991. At around about this time, he began working as a Resident DJ in a Nightclub, mixing vinyl-records, with the experience that he had made whilst working for various Mobile Discotheques. He made his first real break-through in the 'Techno-Scene', at the 'White Dove Party' in Studio Urdorf. The success of his appearance at this gig, confirmed, that he was one of the best DJ's in his field, which convinced the Party organisors to employ him as their Resident DJ. Approximately one year later, DJ C.A. was able to make the right mixture of Trance music, bringing Ravers to ecstatic heights, during his appearance at the 'Grodonia' (Rümlang near Zürich). At this time, the 'Grodonia' was respected as THE Techno Club of all Clubs in and around Zürich, and gained fame for it's After-After Hour Parties, organised by the legendary [l=Tarot] promotions. There is one appearance which should be Hi-Lighted. The organizors of the Webster Hall in New York, were made aware of DJ C.A., after hearing one of his Mix-CD's. They were impressed, and invited him to appear at one of their Party's in April of 1998. Once again, DJ C.A. proved his capabilities, and was then asked to mix the [url=http://www.discogs.com/release/362459]Tranzworld CD[/url], also to appear at the release Party of this CD in August of 1998. Approximately 3500 party-goers, were able to witness DJ C.A in action. Amongst a whole host of U.S. Live acts at the party, was none other than Barbara Tucker. Casi was also asked to make interviews for various American Television Companies. Under the project-names: [a=DOUBLE FORCE] & [a=DJ POPEYE], Casi began releasing his own tracks, which found huge popularity on certain German CD Compilations, i.e. 'Trancemaster' and 'Tunnel Trance Force'. These compilations were regular Hits in the German Sampler Charts. At the same time, DJ.C.A. was making a name for himself in his own territory, Switzerland, through mixing the successful 'Futurescope' CD Compilations, and appearing at the release parties for those CD's, at the Mega-Raves in Zürich's 'Limmathaus'. This popular CD series, has sold already, somewhere in the region of 150'000 units.

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