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Benedicte Westergaard Madsen

Группа в интернете: http://www.dicte.dk/

Дискография Dicte:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Don't Tell 6 audio iTunes 2000 Sony Music Entertainment (Denmark)
2 Don't Tell 3 audio iTunes 2000 Sony Music Entertainment (Denmark)
3 Gone To Texas 10 audio iTunes 2003-10-20
4 Voodoo Vibe 10 audio iTunes 1996 Sony Music Entertainment (Denmark)
5 This Is Cool 12 audio iTunes 2000-02-01
6 F16 3 audio iTunes 1997 Start
7 Dicte & The Sugarbones 10 audio iTunes 2006-02-06 Bonnier Music
8 You're The Boss 4 audio iTunes 1997 Mega Records
9 Tick Tock 10 audio iTunes 2010-02-15 Playground Music Scandinavia
10 Taxi 2 audio iTunes 1996 Start
11 Queen It 3 audio iTunes 1996 Start (6)
12 Toppen Af Poppen 3 - Synger Sanne Salomonsen 6 audio iTunes 2012-08-14 Sony Music
13 Toppen Af Poppen 3 - Synger Johnson 6 audio iTunes 2012-08-21 Sony Music
14 Dicte & The Sugarbones 2 audio iTunes 2006 Bonnier Amigo Music Denmark
15 Tick Tock 10 audio iTunes 2010 Playground Music Scandinavia

Born September 9th 1966 in Glostrup (Denmark). In 1989 Dicte was one of the founders of the quartet Her Personal Pain. They released the album "Songs From Cinama Café" in 1992 before the band in 1993/1994 splits up. The year after, she released her first solo-album "Between Any Four Walls". She has since released under her stagename Dicte, under the name Dicte & Dub Tractor and the name Dicte & The Sugarbones. She also in 1998 made the soundtrack to the play "House Of The Double Axe" with all Latin lyrics.

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