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Edson Arantes Di Nascimento

Дискография Edson Arantes Di Nascimento:

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In 1956 Brazilian football legend Pelé, aged 15, signed to the Santos team and began his world-famous career. The same year John Backus and his team at IBM completed FORTRAN I, the first high-level computer programming language. In 1991, Mute pranksters [a=Fortran 5] released their debut single, [r=306364], which was packaged as if it were a Brazilian import. It's production was credited to a certain Edson Arantes Di Nascimento whose name bore a striking similarity to that of Edson Arantes Do Nascimento ([a=Pelé]'s birth name.) Chances are therefore that the Edson Arantes Di Nascimento on Fortran 5's Crazy Earth is a rather geeky pseudonym for some Pelé-esque producer at Mute Studios…

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