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David Bartel

Дискография David Bartel:

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Music has its strange ways... I was musically Classically trained In France while playing Jazz and Afro-Beat gigs (Angelique Kidjo, Etienne M'bape...) on the Parisian club-circuit at night. I landed in New York's new music scene and that was it: those beats, sound, ambient/experimental grooves are the freedom, the vibe, the depth and the fun I've always wanted. So there it is: a never-ending trip! Music is abstrakt, it's about free association. Let your ear lead your heart, your mind... and your belly. It's about freedom, not dictate, it's kinetic wandering, images, and mental creations, sensuality, trance... The beats, the abstract sound manipulations, the bits of sampled words and collages are just colors, shapes and expression of the soul, the mind and the moment. - David Bartel

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