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Human Being

James Stephens, Terry Turner

Члены группы Human Being: James Stephens, Terry Tee

Дискография Human Being:

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One-off side-project of the early 90s [a=Noise Factory] regulars [a=Terry Tee] and [a=James Stephens]. Released one song on a [l=Straight From The Bedroom] split EP, the Hellraiser sampling [i]"The Box Opened"[/i]. This track was later remixed by and re-credited to Kemet posse regulars [a=Missing (2)] for the Kemet Crew's [i]"[url=http://www.discogs.com/release/304395]Champion Jungle Sound[/url]"[/i] album with the title [i]"The Box Re-Opens"[/i].

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