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Kae Williams Jr.

Ulysses Kae Williams Jnr.

Также известно как: Junior Williams, K. Williams, K. Williams Jr., K. Williams, Jr., Kae Williams, Kae Williams Jr, Kae Williams, Jr., Kay Williams, Kaye Williams, Kaye Williams Jr., Kea Williams, Kee Williams, Williams, Williams, Jr.

Дискография Kae Williams Jr.:

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Soul Funk Singer - Songwriter - Producer Born on 07.03.1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Died on 11.07.2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. After Breakwater disbanded, he went on to work with many other artists, mostly as a producer - songwriter. He often commuted to New York and other cities to work with such acts as [a=Mason] and [a=Bootsy Collins], just to name a few. He scored a huge Billboard hit with [a=Pretty Poison]'s "Catch Me I'm Falling", and assisted on many other successful projects. In 1981 he joined [a=Timmy Allen] from the group [a=Change] and other top session players to record an album as [a=Hi Gloss] (including "You'll Never Know"). He also wrote, arranged and produced songs for [a=Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band, The] and [a=Curtis Hairston]. He then moved back to Philadelphia where to date he worked with artists including [a=Ian Foster], the late [a=Phyllis Hyman], the late [a=George Howard], [a=Miki Howard] and other local acts.

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