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Tony Varone

Giuseppe Antonio Varone

Также известно как: C.T. Varone, Giuseppe Antonio Varone, Giuseppe Varone, T Varone, T. Varoné, T. Varone, T. Verone, T.Varone, Tony "T. Vee" Varone, Varone
Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/tonymassera, http://myspace.com/tonymassera, http://sexyrexy.co.uk

Дискография Tony Varone:

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From his Paris based studio, Tony Massera is rapidly becoming hot property in dance music. Responsible for some remarkable tunes in recent years, Tony has admirers as diverse as the Fatback Band to Fatboy Slim! Tony began DJ-ing in 1982 and developed an obsessive lust for FUNK & DISCO. Learning engineering skills along the way, he became in-house producer for Belgium's famous "Target Records" in 1989 - releases include the seminal; T.Vee - U Are A Sucker, Control DC - Ritmo Dell Diavolo, DJ Bart - Wanna Play House, Arpeggio - Wake Up, Discotech - Everybody, Neon - The Creator and many more. Returning to France in 1999, he is then recruited by a young Bob Sinclar - and produces for the Africanism label under the project name "Diva". In 2004 Tony then joined forces with his close friend Marco Federici (aka DeMarco), creating SexyRexyMusique - a production house that has since caused dancerfloors to shudder with some of his finest work to date. The legendary ''Open Fire'' earning showers of praise from Fatboy (Norman Cook actually sent a personal fax demanding the vinyl!) and tracks such as "It's In Me" and "My Luv 4 U" becoming the staple of many discerning DJ. Right here, right now - Tony is still loving the industry and keeps a close eye on the ever changing dancefloor. But he knows one thing for sure, that no matter how quickly tastes can change - whether it's house, funky house, electro - call it what you will, you just can't keep a good tune down!

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