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Gabriel Masurel

Gabriel Masurel

Также известно как: G. Marsurel, G. Masurel, G.Masurel, Gabriel Masorel, M. Gabriel, Masurel Gabriel

Дискография Gabriel Masurel:

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In the mid 80's, Gabriel Masurel was a drummer in various bands of alternative/indie pop/rock music. Fan of electronic sounds, he got his first synthesizers as the techno acid-house movement was arriving into France and he started producing synthetic music. Gabriel Masurel and Christophe Lebras, under the name "Blue Planet Corporation" produced with help of Sébastien Masurel the first 12' Overbloody Flood EP in 1993. During the year 1994 there were two more EP released on the label "UFK" : Second EP and Vol.3 EP which provided them a solid reputation on the international trance scene. In 1995, after several releases for the french label "POF", they were invited by the English label "Flying Rhino" to produce an LP. Gabriel Masurel wrotte the album by its own, with colaboration on several tracks. The Blue Planet LP was released in 1999. Gabriel Masurel spent two years of live act and dj performances in the USA, Japan and Europe. Another vinyl EP was released in 2002: Digital Forward EP. It was the last discographic production of Blue Planet Corporation for "Flying Rhino". Blue Planet Corporation has from then and on produced several tracks and remixes for french and foreigner labels, with two remixes for the French pop star Mylène Farmer. His passion for musique leads Gabriel Masurel to work today on many projects and towards various musical orientations with pop/rock and electronic musicians.

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