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Allan Coelho

Allan Coelho

Также известно как: A Coelho, A. Coehlo, A. Coeiho, A. Coelho, A.Coelho, Al Coehlo, Al Coelho, Alan Coelho, Allen Coelho, Coehlo, Coehlo, Allan, Coelho, Loelho
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/tapps1

Дискография Allan Coelho:

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The creator of TAPPS and "Disco Al" is what people claim when they talk about Allan Coelho. The Portuguese-born composer began his career in music as a DJ in the late 1970s and early 1980s at one of Toronto's famous disco nightclub. A kid in his late teens, Coelho was attending college when he met Tony DaCosta, Vincent DeGiorgio, and Bob Rudd, who would all help create the great disco hit, "My Forbidden Lover" while having Barbara Doust as recording vocalist and Candy Berthiaume as a concert vocalist. The TAPPS act gave Coelho much needed publicity as a composer and a musician, however, Coelho decided to continue his root of being a music composer and teamed up with good friend Hernani Raposo in 1988 and released TAPPS' last song, "You're The One". Berthiaume got married and DaCosta decided to go solo marking an end to TAPPS. Coelho, Raposo and Mexican DJ, Tony Barrera, formed CLICK, a Spanish pop/freestyle group composed of four girls in their early 20s. The CLICK act claimed even greater success for Coelho with worldwide hits like "Duri Duri" and the Yuri cover of "Que Te Pasa?". Once the hi-NRG scene was no more in the clubs in the early 1990s, Coelho spent eight years with Barrera composing songs so that Barrera can sing during his tours in Mexico. In 1998, Barrera died and for several years there was no whereabouts of Coelho's works only for the production of Lime's last album in 2002. By 2003, he began touring the world once more as TAPPS along with DaCosta until 2004. Berthiaume rejected the request to reunite with TAPPS and Coelho decided to hire Maryam, a singer from Los Angeles which up to 2008, has been touring the Los Angeles area as TAPPS at least twice a month. Coelho since 2006 has worked on remixes for Click, Tapps and Lime and has produced acts such as Sweet Suite and country singer Shari Lynn.

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