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Pasquale Maassen

Pasquale Maassen

Также известно как: P. Maassen, Pasquale Maaßen
Группа в интернете: www.myspace.com/pasqualemaassen, www.myspace.com/renamedrec

Дискография Pasquale Maassen:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Stupide Mit Ziel EP 3 audio iTunes 2003-07-00 Jerkbox Records
2 Blasen In Einem Meer Aus Sand 4 audio iTunes 2004-09-17 Rest.
3 Tribal EP 7 audio iTunes 2005-08-28 Zimmer-Records
4 ZimmerMix013 - Live@Butan 3 audio iTunes 2006-12-12 Zimmer-Records
5 Open Source EP 5 audio iTunes 2008-04-24 Diggarama
6 Not Renamed EP 5 audio iTunes 2008-08-10 Renamed
7 Boogie Woogie Minimizer EP 4 audio iTunes 2010-07-19 SW7 Records
8 Tales from the Machines 4 audio iTunes 2010-04-28 Renamed
9 Weapons of Choice 2 audio iTunes 2010-07-28 Renamed
10 Looping With Fruits 4 audio iTunes 2001 Fanatische Loop Programmierer
11 Magic Bee 4 audio iTunes 2009-03-16 Electronic Pulse Records
12 Schwarz An Reich 2 audio iTunes 2009-03-16 Electronic Pulse Records
13 Hard Rhythm 2 audio iTunes 2009-08-09 Remute
14 Renamed I EP 2 audio iTunes 2011-03-15 Elmart
15 Live @ P-Base CR8000 Live Act 3 audio iTunes 2011-09-16 Super 6 Records Goodies
16 Intervention EP 4 audio iTunes 2011 Zimmer-Records
17 Togetherness ep 3 audio iTunes 2011-10-24 omaramusic
18 Recycled Tapes Vol. 2 16 audio iTunes 2012-02-06 Pharmacom Records
19 Fallen Kingdom 3 audio iTunes 2012-02-14
20 Terrorized 5 audio iTunes 2012-09-03
21 Rainbow To Completion 13 audio iTunes 2012 Schubfaktor
22 Little Organ 3 audio iTunes 2013-03-27 omaramusic
23 Try Two 7 audio iTunes 2013-05-08 Zimmer-Records
24 Try Two 7 audio iTunes 2013-05-08 Zimmer-Records
25 Backbone EP 5 audio iTunes 2012-01-14 Graviton Audio
26 Access Violation 3 audio iTunes 2013-10-10 Graviton Audio
27 Audiomulch LP 10 audio iTunes 2013-12-27 Graviton Audio
28 Hu 5 audio iTunes 2013-12-26 Zimmer-Records
29 Kat Ride 2 audio iTunes 2014-02-27 Zimmer-Records

Born & grown up in a small town near Cologne - Germany. producing since 1996/97 a long time the only auditorium for his music were his friends & cousins , but after he posted few his works on the world wide web, he received only positive reactions on his early works, so it cames to the first release 2003 on robert natus label "bitshift". his first own ep was voted to "ep of the month" in the german techno magazin "raveline". With the time, he defined “his sound”, hard & pounding techno beats, with dark basses. After successful performances on ‘Klirrfaktor’, Pasquale Maassen is changing the “definition” of live-performing artist, with his morphing one pattern concept. he was invited to play on Delicate Sound of Techno , making great live act battle with Andreas Seibel aka Frakmatik. Since than, he shaked the floors in WareHouse, FilmHaus, Butan (vs stammheim), Monokel, Sause, taucher, Depot & many other … today he produce every style he like, and is owner of the label "renamed"

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