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Oliver Leiber

Также известно как: Leiber, Lieber, O. Leiber, Oliver Lieber, Ollie Leiber, Ollie Lieber

Дискография Oliver Leiber:

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Is the son of the famed songwriter Jerry Leiber. He wrote and produced the number-one hits "Opposites Attract" & "Forever Your Girl" for Paula Abdul. He, also, wrote and produced the top 10 R&B hit "(It's Just) The Way That You Love Me" for her. He has, also, written,produced & performed on the album "Talk On Corners" by The Corrs. He worked with Sheena Easton on her 1991 album "What Comes Naturally" writing,producing & performing two songs ("Forever Friends" & "Half A Heart"). He has worked with the boy band BBMak, and more recently on "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" by Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

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