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Dan Lacksman

Daniel Pierre Lanckmans

Также известно как: D. Lacksman, D Lacksman, D. Lackman, D. Lacksman, Dan, Dan Lackman, Dan Lackmans, Dan Lacksman With Moog Synthesizer, Dan Lacksmann, Dan Laksman, Dan Lanksman, Dan Laxman, Daniel Lacksman, Daniel Lasckman, Don Lacksman, Lackman, Lacksman, Lacksmann
Группа в интернете: http://www.synsound.be/team.htm

Дискография Dan Lacksman:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Top Tang' / Electronic Fair 2 audio iTunes 1973 Omega International
2 New Electronic System 12 audio iTunes 1975 Vogue
3 Untitled 12 audio iTunes 1973 Blue Elephant
4 The Flamenco Moog 2 audio iTunes 1973 Intercord
5 Verde / Holiday Souvenir 4 audio iTunes 1976 Polydor
6 Electronic System 3 12 audio iTunes 1973 Carinia Records
7 Electric Dreams 12 audio iTunes 2013 77 Recordings
8 Corrida '74 2 audio iTunes 1974 Pink Elephant
9 Bonjour Monsieur Hulot 3 audio iTunes 2012 77 Recordings

Synthesizer devotee who has had three major stages in his career: first as a solo artist (with Dan Lacksman Association), then as a member of the successful and witty Telex, and lastly as a producer and sound-engineer for a lot of project in the nineties. As a solo artist, he recorded 7 singles (and also one together with [a=Two Man Sound], another Belgian group) and one album. The core of his sound was the Moog organ. From the end of the seventies, Lacksman was the sound engineer behind the elektropop-pioneers Telex In the nineties, he came to the forefront once again through his work as a producer for the French project [a=Deep Forest], a mix between the African chants of the rain forest and current technology. He produced their critically acclaimed and very well selling [url=http://www.discogs.com/Deep-Forest-Deep-Forest/master/4658]debut album[/url] (he took over a year to produce it), but decided not to cooperate with the group on their next recordings because "I wanted to get even more into the studio side of things. The others wanted to make Deep Forest a 'live' thing. I feel this kind of music stands on its own for what it is, exploring these great sounds. I consider the studio my musical instrument." He then formed his own "exotic" project called Pangea. From the bio at Elektra : Pangea comes from the Greek word "Pan" meaning one. Gea comes from the Greek "Geos" meaning earth. The whole idea of "one earth," a sense of unity, that we are all unified, appeals to me very much. Combine that concept with my respect for technology - look at the internet for example and how it is making us all one continent again, in a way - and you can see where my ideas come from.". In 1996, Dan Lacksman also produced the impressive and intriguing [url=http://www.discogs.com/Ozark-Henry-Im-Seeking-Something-That-Has-Already-Found-Me/master/76524]debut album[/url] of [a=Ozark Henry].

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