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Keith Diamond

Keith Vincent Constantine Alexander

Также известно как: 'Kaydee', Alexander, Diamond, Diamond Keith, K Diamond, K. Diamand, K. Diamond, K. Diamonds, K. Doamond, K.Diamond, Keith Daimond, R.J. Lange, S. Diamond

Дискография Keith Diamond:

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American producer, composer, bassist and keyboard player born 1950 in Trinidad, Tinidad and Tobago and died on the heart attack on January 18, 1997 in New York, USA.He worked with artists such as [a=Donna Summer], [a=Mick Jagger], [a=Anne Murray], [a=Michael Bolton], [a=Melba Moore] and [a=Sheena Easton]. Diamond also produced and wrote [a=Billy Ocean]'s "Suddenly" and "Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run).

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