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Agitation Free

Члены группы Agitation Free: Ax Genrich, Burghard Rausch, Christian Kneisel, Christopher Franke, Dietmar Burmeister, Gustl Lutjens, Jörg Schwenke, John L., Lutz Ulbrich, Michael Günther, Michael Hoenig, Stephan Diez
Группа в интернете: http://agitationfree.com/, http://www.agitation-free.de/

Дискография Agitation Free:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Last 3 audio iTunes 1992
2 Fragments 4 audio iTunes 1996 Spalax Music
3 2nd 7 audio iTunes 1996 Spalax Music
4 2nd 7 audio iTunes 2004 Amber Soundroom
5 Malesch 7 audio iTunes 1972-06-00 Vertigo
6 Malesch 7 audio iTunes 1992
7 Fragments 5 audio iTunes 1995 Musique Intemporelle
8 Malesch 7 audio iTunes 1978 I.R.I.
9 2nd 7 audio iTunes 1979 I.R.I.
10 River Of Return 9 audio iTunes 1999 Prudence Cosmopolitan Music
11 At The Cliffs Of River Rhine 5 audio iTunes 1998 Garden Of Delights
12 The Other Sides Of Agitation Free 10 audio iTunes 1999 Garden Of Delights
13 Live At Pont De Ce May 25th, 1973 2 audio iTunes Not On Label
14 2nd 7 audio iTunes 1975 Clear Light Of Jupiter
15 Malesch 7 audio iTunes 2002 Garden Of Delights
16 2nd 7 audio iTunes 2002 Garden Of Delights
17 Fragments 6 audio iTunes 2003 Garden Of Delights
18 2nd 9 audio iTunes 2008 Revisited Rec.
19 Malesch 10 audio iTunes 2008 Revisited Rec.
20 Last 5 audio iTunes 2008 Revisited Rec.
21 Live '74 7 audio iTunes 2008 Revisited Rec.
22 At Last ... Is Alive (WDR-Radio Broadcast) 3 audio iTunes 1995 Pupil Tulip
23 Last 3 audio iTunes 1976 Barclay
24 Fragments 7 audio iTunes 2009 Revisited Rec.
25 Malesch 9 audio iTunes 2010-07-25 Belle Antique
26 2nd 8 audio iTunes 2010-07-25 Belle Antique
27 Last 4 audio iTunes 2010-07-25 Belle Antique
28 Malesch 7 audio iTunes 1978 I.R.I.
29 River Of Return 11 audio iTunes 2009-04-17 Revisited Rec.
30 Shibuya Nights (Live In Tokyo) 14 audio iTunes 2011-11-00 Esoteric Recordings
31 Malesch 7 audio iTunes 2012-09-28 HiD
32 2nd 7 audio iTunes 2012-10-26 HiD
33 Last 3 audio iTunes 2013-05-17 HiD
34 2nd 10 audio iTunes 1975 Vertigo
35 Fragments 4 audio iTunes 2013 HiD Records
36 Malesch 7 audio iTunes 1972-06-00 Vertigo
37 Shibuya Nights (Live In Tokyo) 15 audio iTunes 2014-04-19 MIG
38 1st 4 audio iTunes 2013 Korusuro Records (2)

Agitation Free was formed in 1967 by Lutz 'Lüül' Ulrich, Michael 'Fame' Günther, Lutz 'Ludwig' Kramer and Christoph Franke. Famous for their multimedia light shows, they became the house band for the infamous Zodiac club in Berlin. In 1968, they were joined by vocalist [a=John L.], who was fired within in the year, possibly for his naked stage antics. In 1970, [a=Ludwig Kramer] left and was replaced by [a=Ax Genrich]. Likewise, Christoph Franke left this year to join [a=Tangerine Dream] (who like Ash Ra Tempel shared practice space with Agitation Free). To replace these losses, the group recruited [a=Jörg Schwenke] and Gerd Klemke. Klemke was not to last long though, and the group finally stablized in 1971 as a quintet with the addition of [a=Michael Hoenig] and [a=Burghard Rausch]. In 1972, the group toured Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Greece during which time they made recording which appeared on their first LP "Malesch". In March 1973, Schwenke left the group and was replaced by Stefan Diaz. At the same time, a second drummer, [a=Dietmar Burmeister] joined the group. This line up was featured on the posthumous release "Last", and without Diaz the group recorded their "2nd" LP in July 1973. Shortly after this Diaz quit and was replaced by [a=Gustl Lutjens]. The group made their final recordings in February 1974, which also turned up on the "Last" LP. The group disbanded after a goodbye concert in Berlin, November 1974. However, in recent years the band has reformed with original members and played a concert in Tokyo at beginning of February 2007.

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