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Dif Juz

Члены группы Dif Juz: Alan Curtis, Dave Curtis, Gary Bromley, Richard Thomas (2)
Группа в интернете: http://www.4ad.com/artists/difjuz, http://www.evo.org/html/group/difjuz.html, http://www.myspace.com/difjuz

Дискография Dif Juz:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Soundpool 9 audio iTunes 1999-03-23 4AD
2 Who Says So? 8 audio iTunes 1983 Red Flame
3 Out Of The Trees 10 audio iTunes 1986-11-00 4AD
4 Vibrating Air 4 audio iTunes 1981-10-00 4AD
5 Huremics 4 audio iTunes 1981-07-00 4AD
6 Extractions 9 audio iTunes 1985-07-00 4AD
7 Extractions 13 audio iTunes 1987-02-00 4AD
8 Time Clock Turn Back 12 audio iTunes 1983 Pleasantly Surprised
9 Extractions 13 audio iTunes 1987 4AD
10 Out Of The Trees 8 audio iTunes 1986 4AD

Formed: 1980 in West London, UK. Ceased activity: circa 1986. A British instrumental quartet, Dif Juz (a play on "different jazz") consisted of brothers Dave & Alan Curtis (both guitarists), bassist Gary Bromley and drummer/occasional sax player Richard Thomas. They released two seminal EPs; [r=381650] and [r=381643] in 1981 on the then fledgling 4AD label. The band then departed 4AD for the label Red Flame in 1983 where they released an experimental mini LP [r=381598], following this they toured extensively through 1984 and 1985 supporting [a=Cocteau Twins] and [a=Wolfgang Press, The] before returning to 4AD to record their first full-length LP [r=383702] which featured contributions by Cocteau Twins Elizabeth Fraser (vocals) and Robin Guthrie (production). Shortly thereafter Dif Juz were introduced to Jamaican dub innovator [a=Lee Perry] and served as his backing band for a series of shows before eventually attempting to make a record together. The five tracks that were recorded - including a nine-minute version of "The Mighty Quinn" - never quite gelled, despite Robin Guthrie's attempts to mix them and the collaboration remains unreleased. With the exception of a reissued and re-recorded Huremics and Vibrating Air (respectively) in the form of [r=381633] and a contribution to the 1986 4AD compilation [r=159986] the band effectively disappeared, though the members remained active separately; the Curtis brothers and Ritchie Thomas both recorded parts for [a=This Mortal Coil]'s [r=184972] album, whilst Thomas would also appear that year on the Cocteau Twins/Harold Budd collaboration [r=77098] playing drums and saxophone. He and Dave Curtis also contributed to The Wolfgang Press' albums [r=260855] and [r=104397], respectively. It is rumoured that the band's 'final' dissolution came when Richard Thomas became a touring drummer for [a=Jesus And Mary Chain, The], though the band never officially split up. After many years of silence, the posthumous release by 4AD of Huremics and Vibrating air appeared in the form of [r=237958] in 1999. Coinciding with the album was the creation of a website which appeared to be created by the band. This page ran the banner "By us about us", as well as "More soon" though this never materialized.

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