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Terrorizers Of Rotterdam

R.Signorelli & S.Dornauer

Также известно как: Rotterdam Of Terrorrizers, Terorrizer Of Rotterdam, Terrorrizer Of Rotterdam, Terrorrizers Of Rotterdam
Члены группы Terrorizers Of Rotterdam: Guido Weyprecht, Siegfried "Siggi" Weyprecht

Дискография Terrorizers Of Rotterdam:

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Hardcore/gabber project on the [l=5th Gear] label, which name is misleadingly similar to the well known [a=Rotterdam Terror Corps]. It was started by Mischa Kooij and Stefhan Hartensveld who made all tracks released in 1996 ("1 Way Out" was made by Hartensveld only). The project was then taken over by Guido and Siegfried Weyprecht who made all tracks released from 1997 on, except "Fuckin' Noise" which was made by [a=Maxime Turpin] and was also released as a [a=DJ Jago] track.

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