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Ray Parker

Ray Parker

Также известно как: R. Parker
Группа в интернете: http://www.parkerszczmith.com/

Дискография Ray Parker:

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There is absolutely no connection between this "Ray Parker" and [a=Ray Parker Jr.] Based in Toronto, Canada, Ray Parker is a prolific, award-winning composer, having written original songs for a number of live-action, animation, commercial and radio projects. He has been producing and performing with a variety of different artists over the years, including [a=Aretha Franklin], [a=Faith Hill], [a=Shania Twain], [a=Dionne Warwick], [a=Smokey Robinson], [a=K.D. Lang], [a=Peggy Lee], [a=Rita MacNeil], [a=Rankin Family, The] and many others. In 1993, he began a fruitful collaboration with [a=Tom Szczesniak] by founding Parker/Szczmith Music Inc. Parker composed the music of many TV series for a young public such as "Les Aventures De Tintin", the animated version of "Ace Ventura - Pet Detective", "Fraggle Rock", "The Care Bears", and "Feivel’s American Tales". In addition to that, he also composed the music of several documentary specials for Discovery Channel and the CBC.

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