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Franck De Quengo, Laure Bargès

Члены группы Dragibus: Frank De Quengo, Lore Bargès, Lore Barges
Группа в интернете: http://www.dragibus.org, http://www.dragibus.jp

Дискография Dragibus:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Dragibus Et Toki-Meki Science 4 audio iTunes 1999 Childisc
2 Extra Musica 7 audio iTunes 2000 Autobus
3 Papriko 25 audio iTunes 1999
4 O Drãgao Mãgico 9 audio iTunes 1997 Saravah
5 Lollipop 21 audio iTunes 2003 P-Vine Records
6 Barbapoux 48 audio iTunes 1996 Saravah
7 Lollipop 21 audio iTunes 2005 Solnze Records
8 Hungarian Lullaby 17 audio iTunes Not On Label
9 Dragibus/Harpy 6 audio iTunes 1999-10-00 Lee V Cleef
10 Tutti Frutti 18 audio iTunes Autobus
11 Extra Musica 10 audio iTunes 2000 Novel Cell Poem
12 Mascarade 14 audio iTunes 2006 Autobus
13 Barbapoux 57 audio iTunes 1998 Polystar

French duo Dragibus founded in 1995, influenced by Punk & Noise music but also by children music. They began recording some french, english and hungarian lullabies. Childrens listened to these tapes and were really excited, that's why dragibus began to spread their worldwide. In 1996, Benjamin Barouh and Junquo Nimura from Saravah' label was starting a new collection called Popo Classic and asked dragibus to record their first album "Barbapoux". One year later Saravah produced the dragibus 7": O Dragao Magico, and the band played a lot of concerts in Europe within Kindergarden and in regular locations. They even toured for the first time in Japan in Feb. 98 with Mami Chan. A few time after their return from Japan, they signed for their second album: Paprika. Touring again in Japan in June 99 to promote the "dragibumix" project (a franco-japanese remix mini-album), they recorded all the gigs they did to edit the picture-disc "live in Japan" out on dragibus brand new label: Autobus (for all the young and not-so-old children). Dragibus have since then worked with the Electrical Company Circus and played in a big circus show for kids during four month in Paris.

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