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Pierre Perpall

Также известно как: P. Perball, P. Perpall, Perpall, Pierre Perpal
Группа в интернете: http://www.pierreperpall.com, http://www.retrojeunesse60.com/pierre.perpall.html, http://www.mondopq.com/2013/09/mondo-p-q-recoit-pierre-perpall-premiere-partie-du-rb-au-funk-1963-1981/

Дискография Pierre Perpall:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Them Changes 2 audio iTunes 1981 V.S. Records
2 Leading Lover / U-Turn 2 audio iTunes 1980 Uniwave
3 Roller Dancer 2 audio iTunes 1981 V.S. Records
4 Them Changes 2 audio iTunes 1978 Solo (2)
5 J'aime La Musique, Party Down 4 audio iTunes Solo (2)
6 Danser 10 audio iTunes Solo (2)
7 Spacing Out With You Baby 2 audio iTunes 1977 Tembo
8 Ca Depend De Qui/ Je Npeux Men Passer 2 audio iTunes 1977 tembo
9 Stop Il Faut Arreter / Ma Lili Hello 4 audio iTunes 1966 Citation (2)
10 Shotgun 2 audio iTunes 1967 Citation (2)
11 La Tiboule 4 audio iTunes 1968 Citation (2)

Pierre Perpall - producer, entertainer has been in the business since 1965. He has recorded several albums, 20 seven inch singles, and eleven 12 inches. He had his greatest disco dance hits between 1976 to 1984; "Them Changes" under the name Perpall,"We Can Make It" and "Creme Soufflee" under the name Purple Flash and of course "Space Invaders" as Pluton & Humanoids.

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