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DJ Krusty

Eugene Gaffney

Также известно как: Krusty
Группа в интернете: http://www.greenant.com

Дискография DJ Krusty:

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Krusty has been DJ'ing in the great Australian Outdoors for over a decade. Bush doofs with banging tribal beats and celestial frequencies are what he is best known for, however he started out a chill out DJ, still loves to play the softer side of trance. Along with his techno trance partner Sugar & promoter Frank Venuto he formed the Melbourne based trance label Green Ant. Krusty has played at all the major outdoor parties and festivals in Australia and has played in Japan, Israel, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and US. Working with Sugar & harmonic-classical vocalist Kundalini he produces House of Pagan Christians tracks as well as remixing other artists on the Green Ant label.

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