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Группа в интернете: http://bassculture.org

Дискография nOjZz:

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Kevin started listening to his brother's hip hop and broken beats collection at an early age, swimming in a sea of Ninja Tune and Mo'Wax. He later discovered drum'n'bass through the Logical Progression series. At about the same time he started messing about with Fasttracker, producing his first tunes. Two of these were released on Fluff Girl Wax. His hands started itching so he started DJing, practising in the bedroom, sending out mix tapes. In 2002, he was first invited as a guest to mix at a Muzical Unrezt night, and later invited to join as full time resident. Subsequent residencies included the weekly Steam nights in Gent and the something something parties in Rijkevorsel [think Antwerp]. True to the Gent sound, Nojzz plays the smoother, beat based type of drum'n'bass. His style has been described as warm'n'bass rising.

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