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Lars Pedersen

Группа в интернете: http://home.online.no/~movidar/discographies/when.html, http://www.myspace.com/witchwood

Дискография When:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Psychedelic Wunderbaum 10 audio iTunes 1999 Jester Records
2 The Lobster Boys 12 audio iTunes 2001 Jester Records
3 Sunshine Superhead 3 audio iTunes 2002-06-17 Jester Records
4 Pearl-Harvest 10 audio iTunes 2003 Jester Records
5 Drowning But Learning 14 audio iTunes Tatra
6 Prefab Wreckage 6 audio iTunes 1994 Tatra
7 WriterCakeBox - The Unblessed World Of When (1983 - 1998) 41 audio iTunes 1999 Jester Records
8 The Black Death 3 audio iTunes 1992 Tatra
9 Black, White And Grey 5 audio iTunes 1991 Tatra
10 Whenever 8 audio iTunes 2004-11-00 Jester Records
11 Drowning But Learning 12 audio iTunes 1987 Witchwood Records
12 Black, White & Grey 6 audio iTunes 1991 ReR Megacorp
13 Trippy Happy 12 audio iTunes 2007 Jester Records
14 You Are Silent 5 audio iTunes 2008 Jester Records
15 Homage Series Vol. 1: Sun Ra 11 audio iTunes 2009 Jester Records
16 Misshimmisshimmisshim... 13 audio iTunes 2011-12-05 Jester Records
17 Misshimmisshimmisshim... 13 audio iTunes 2012 Jester Records
18 Whensday 8 audio iTunes 2012 Jester Records

Currently signed with [l=Jester Records]. A monument in the avant-garde, Lars Pedersen's origins date back to the late 70's with his work in the legendary experimentalist band HOLY TOY. Pedersen began composing material for WHEN in 1983 and has consistently developed the concept into the next millenium. Pedersen has reached a plateau many cannot attest to. His extremely illustrative aural stylistics which spans the universe of cut up/collage design manipulating everything from folk/ethnic, RIO [Rock In Opposition], cartoon schizophrenia, poignant soundscape, hypnotic minimalism, massive industrial/factory environment, adherent pop and intense orchestrative content have not even approached limitations - WHEN remains as visceral and seemingly arbitrary as it began, granting its listeners passports to limitless space and time.

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