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Diana Trippaers

Diana Trippaers

Также известно как: D. Tripaers, D. Trippaers, Diana Tripaers, Trippaers
Группа в интернете: http://www.dee-dee.eu/

Дискография Diana Trippaers:

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Belgian vocalist Born on 21.Juli 1981 in Genk/Belgium Diana is half Italians and half Belgian. Diana grew up with music, because her father’s hobby was DJ-ing. He played on little parties, and Diana was helping her Dad. She learned thereby the DJ-ing from her father and played on some birthday partys. (Diana’s favourite DJ is DJ Tiesto, an Madonna her idol, of course) And then the dream came to become a singer. In the age of 19, Diana began her singing career after participating in the beauty contest “Miss Limburg 2001”. But she was not the winner. Tommie Kidjemet contacted Diana, and he offered her an audition in the Studio of [a=Christophe Chantzis] & [a=Erik Vanspauwen] (guys behind [a=Ian van Dahl]). The co-orperation with the three guys was very great and the single [r=455507] was the result of they hard work together. They project was called Dee Dee. Diana performed the song with two dancers the first time in September 2001. The follow up Single [r=475960] was the 2nd and the last release. The project was not any longer continued. Unfortunately!  

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