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Richard Jacquin

Richard Christian Rene Jacquin

Также известно как: R. Jacquin, R. Jaquin Kocinsky, Richard "Gray" Jacquin, Richard "Grey" Jacquim, Richard "Grey" Jacquin, Richard "Grey" JacquinRichard "Grey" Jacquin, Richard 'Grey' Jacquin, Richard Grey Jacquin, Richard Grey Jaquin

Дискография Richard Jacquin:

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DJ and producer. He contributed to the world success of the "French Touch" of House music. With an early love of music, heavily influenced by his father’s record collection, Richard grew up listening to classic Jazz, Funk and Disco acts such as [a=George Duke], [a=Crusaders, The] and [a=Chic]. He began to record solo in 1999 with 'I Need You'. He is the founder of [l=G-High Records] and Pyramidal Records.

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