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Jean-Michel Cauvin

Также известно как: DJ Nivoc
Группа в интернете: nivoc@ascendrecordings.com

Дискография Nivoc:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Infinity 11 audio iTunes 1996-00-00 Experience
2 Psychedelica '96 14 audio iTunes 1996-00-00 Not On Label

DJ & Label Manager for Ascend Music Group (Ascend Recordings, Default Recordings, and Consigned Recordings). Former member of Nuclear Ramjet (1997-2001). Nivoc is an influential member of Montreal's highly creative electronic music scene. He moved from Europe to Canada in 1994 to set up his labels and to push local artists onto the global market. He has helped produce many Montreal based techno 12" releases such as Delage (ASC001), Mateo Murphy (ASC010, DEFA001), Preach (ASC017) and a few others... The idea behind Nivoc's production involvement was to encourage artists he felt had potential and help bring their projects to definition. As a DJ, Nivoc is inspired by the many subtle and charismatic aspects of techno and house music and is a proficient music cross-pollinator. He chooses a hypnotic blend of driving techno and uplifting house for his sets that are best described as journeys through tribal sound-scapes. Nivoc regularly travels around the world to play gigs, recruit new talent and promote his labels. Recent rumor suggests Jean-Michel firing up his old studio and releasing hot, new material as "Nivoc".

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