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Bob Ezrin

Robert Alan Ezrin

Также известно как: Alan Ezrin, Alan Robert Ezrin, B. Ezrin, B.Ezrin, Bob (Boy Wonder) Ezrin, Bob (Wonder Boy) Ezrin, Bob Enzin, Boogaloo-Bob Ezrin, Erzin, Ezrin, Ezrin, Robert A., R. Ezrin, Robert Ezrin, Toronto Bob

Дискография Bob Ezrin:

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Musician and producer born in 1949 in Toronto, Canada. His successful career started in 1970 with production work for [a=Alice Cooper], [a=Lou Reed], [a=Pink Floyd], [a=Peter Gabriel] and [a=Kiss]. He was a pioneer in modern production techniques like multi-machine recording and computer sequencing, sampling and editing. In 1993 he co-founded 7th Level, a software company specializing in educational and entertainment programs. In 1999 he co-founded an internet radio site called Enigma Digital. It was later sold to Clear Channel, of which Ezrin is now vice-chairman.

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