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Holger Lagerfeldt

Также известно как: H. Lagerfeldt, H.Lagerfeldt, Helger, Holger, Lagerfeldt
Группа в интернете: http://www.pag.dk/holger-lagerfeldt.html, http://www.onlinemastering.dk/, http://www.centerforlydteknik.dk/, http://www.lydmaskinen.dk/

Дискография Holger Lagerfeldt:

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Holger Lagerfeldt has written, produced and remixed hits for internationally successful artists: DJ Aligator - The Whistle Song One million units sold SOAP - This Is How We Party 1.4 million units sold Toy-Box - Tarzan & Jane 1.5 million units sold S Club 7 - Stand By You UK #1 on Never Had a Dream Come True Blaa Oejne - Romeo Seven times platinum in Denmark Holger has worked with Ace of Base and remixed for Aqua, Barcode Brothers, and Me & My. Holger has collaborated with Stargate (Ne-Yo, Rihanna), Traxstarz (Sugababes), Danish songwriter Remee (Jamelia, Corbin Bleu), and Japanese producer and composer Yuzo Koshiro. Awards and Certifications: Holger Lagerfeldt has received a Danish Grammy nomination as Producer of the Year, and he has received more than 50 IFPI-certified gold and platinum records, for a total of more than six million sold units, including five certified #1 hits on the official Scandinavian Dance Charts.

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