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Jon Smith

Jonathan J. Smith

Также известно как: J. Smith, John Smith

Дискография Jon Smith:

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American sound engineer, songwriter and producer. Most known as the co-writer and co-producer of US R&B/pop/house singer, lyricist and writer [a=Keithen Carter]. Operates at Jon's Retro Room, Chicago, Illinois, USA. He has worked with various artists, including [a=Chi-Lites, The], [a=Dells, The], [a=Linda Clifford], [a=Manhattans], [a=Peter Brown], [a=Police, The], [a=T'Pau], [a=Love & Sas], [a=Darryl Jones] and [a=Lisa Fischer]. He has also recorded and mixed music for commercials. [b]Note! For the engineer associated with The Hit Factory (NYC), use [a=Jon Smith (3)].[/b] For the saxophonist, see [a=Jon Smith (5)]. For the US drummer, see [a=Jon Smith (7)]. For the visual artist, see [a=Jon Smith (13)].

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