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Gary Klein

Также известно как: G Klein, G. Klein, Garry Klein, Klein
Группа в интернете: http://www.italianfoodimages.com

Дискография Gary Klein:

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Gary Klein (born September 28, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American songwriter and record producer. In 1962, he co-wrote "(I Wanna Be) Bobby’s Girl" for [a=Marcie Blane]. He later turned to producing records and has worked with many artists, including [a=Barbra Streisand], [a=Glen Campbell], [a=Dolly Parton], [a=Johnny Cash], [a=Tanya Tucker], [a=Judy Collins], [a=Janis Ian], [a=BJ Thomas], [a=Marshall Tucker Band, The], [a=Liza Minnelli], [a=Roger Miller], [a=Tim Hardin], [a=Charlie Daniels], [a=Mac Davis], [a=Gladys Knight], [a=Cheryl Ladd], [a=Gary Lewis], [a=David Steinberg] and [a=Ronnie Spector]. Klein was an executive with EMI Music Publishing. He now owns a website entitled italianfoodimages.com.

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