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DJ Pulsate

Jean-Baptiste Laffitte

Также известно как: Pulsate
Группа в интернете: http://www.discogs.com/label/Moon+Spirits+Records, https://www.facebook.com/DjPulsate.music, https://www.facebook.com/moonspiritsrec

Дискография DJ Pulsate:

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Creator of the french Psychedelic Label Moon Spirits Records Dj Pulsate was born in 1973 and he started his dj carrier at 16. In the beginning of the 90's Pulsate mixed for the famous booking agency OUT SOON with famous names like Westbam, Damon Wild, Ralphie Dee, Joey Beltram, Robert Leiner, Laurent Garnier, Manu Le Malin... In 1993 He organized his first party under the name Moon Spirits @ La Couleuvrine.(South Of France) He choosed definitly the world of psychedelic trance for playground and he created his label in 2000 called Moon Spirits Records. Pulsate is currently working on differents projects like EIGHTYSIX Music His New Label Founded with his friend Damien and surprises for Moon Spirits records. These projects will be release in 2011/2012. Make Music 4 Peace! To Be Continued...

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