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Julian Cobb

Julian Cobb

Также известно как: Cobb, Cobb, J., J Cobb, J. Cobb, J. Cobb a,k.a. The DJ Hellfish, J. Cobb aka The DJ Hellfish, J.Cobb, Julian Cobb a,k.a. The DJ Hellfish, Julian Cobb a.k.a. The DJ Hellfish, Julian Cobbt

Дискография Julian Cobb:

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Owner of [l=Deathchant] and beat master extrordinaire [a=Hellfish] has produced some of the most amazing futuristic dance music of the last few years. It's easy enough to make abstract bollocks but the dancefloor requires a little more productionous & understanding of the dancefloor. Combining this with abstract bollocks (which he surely does) is a most difficult trick. He cuts his production teeth back in the day with releases on [l=Moving Shadow], [l=Dance Bass Records] and his own [l=Bogwoppa Records](let's forget about the happy hardcore years). Which brings us up to '96 when he launched Deathchant & pioneered the hardcore techno vs hip-hop sound in a way even now few can match. Just buy ZIQ023: [r=21995] to be convinced this is Hardcore, for real.

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