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Patterson Twins

Также известно как: Patterson Twins, The, Twins, The
Члены группы Patterson Twins: Estus Patterson, Lester Patterson

Дискография Patterson Twins:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 They're Playing Our Song "On The Radio" 2 audio iTunes 1984 Kon-Kord Records
2 Gonna Find A True Love 2 audio iTunes 1978 Commercial
3 Your Love Is Dynamite 2 audio iTunes 1999 Expansion
4 Dance Contest 2 audio iTunes 1985 Kon-Kord Records
5 New Wave 2 audio iTunes 1981
6 I Need Your Love / Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right 2 audio iTunes 1976 Malaco Records
7 Call Up Jesus 2 audio iTunes 1988 Kon-Kord Records
8 If Ever I Got You Back 2 audio iTunes 1973 King Records (3)
9 I Need Your Love/Gonna Find A True Love 2 audio iTunes 2000 Expansion Special Reserve
10 Let Me Be Your Lover 8 audio iTunes 2013 Think! Records
11 To Be Lonely / Looking For A Lover 2 audio iTunes 1975-02-00 Ronn Records
12 To Be Lonely/Looking For A Lover 4 audio iTunes 1975 Ronn
13 The Wallace Brothers & Patterson Twins 14 audio iTunes 1980 P-Vine Special

Funk - soul two-brothers duo Hail from Magee, Mississippi, U.S. [a=Estus Patterson] & [a=Lester Patterson] would go on to record for the King, Ronn & Malaco labels among others. "This Big Beat" 45 is believed to be their debut from 1972 under the Soul Twins moniker. The brothers started off singing gospel & made a return to the gospel field in the late 80s. They are said to have another 45 on Big Beat ("It’s Worthwhile Having / Hold On To It").

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