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Radio Bomb

Также известно как: Dr Alex Radiobomb, Radiobomb, RB
Группа в интернете: http://www.radiobomb.info

Дискография Radio Bomb:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Brainstorm / Backstep 2 audio iTunes Random Records (2)
2 Cerberus 3 audio iTunes 1999 Radio Bomb
3 107 FM 2 audio iTunes Radio Bomb
4 Untitled 3 audio iTunes KGB Records (France)
5 Chip Jockey 15 audio iTunes 2005 Expressillon
6 Everlasting Life / Quiet War 2 audio iTunes 2005 Crime Wave Records
7 Prime Numbers 12 audio iTunes 2003-06-00 Electro Lab Factory
8 More Radio, Less Bomb 2 audio iTunes 2003 Radio Bomb
9 Welcome To My Underground Lair! 3 audio iTunes 2002 Versus Recordings
10 I Need Therapy / Logging In 2 audio iTunes 2006 Jungle Therapy
11 Cerberus 9 audio iTunes 2002 Radio Bomb
12 Need Matches ? 10 audio iTunes 2001 Radio Bomb
13 Cyberlive 11 audio iTunes 2000 Radio Bomb
14 Making Music, Not Money!! Vol.1 10 audio iTunes 2007 Radio Bomb
15 Radiobomb Mix Tape 2 audio iTunes 2002 KML Prodz
16 Bomb Your T.V. 28 audio iTunes 2008 Radio Bomb
17 Dusk Versus Radio Bomb 10 audio iTunes 2010-07-15 Pavillon36 Recordings
18 AFK Dubstep 04 3 audio iTunes 2011-09-00 Astrofonik Dubstep
19 Big Bad Bass 4 audio iTunes 1999 Radio Bomb
20 Libertaire Piracy 4 audio iTunes Radio Bomb
21 Radio Bomb 08 4 audio iTunes Radio Bomb
22 Pick & Mix 21 audio iTunes 2014-03-00 Radio Bomb

Radio Bomb has emerged from the british rave scene. Revealed in the Circus Lunatek sound-system’s background in 1991, he then spreads his infectious sounds on his own pirate radio. Parties in Kent or in London stir up to 5000 people in the depths of disused hangars or during summer festivals, at times alongside Spiral Tribe or Bedlam… When the tory Criminal Justice Bill is voted, prohibiting, amongst numerous liberties, the right to attend tekno gatherings, the british artist migrates to France. Since, lives and dj sets have followed, in France as well as in Eastern Europe (notably 5 months towards Prague in the course of 1995…). In teknivals, in clubs and wherever it seems appropriate to spread the free spirited and open minded tekno word… His sets just like his records cover a large spectrum of electronic emotions, from drum & bass to hardtek, from dub to breakbeat… Concurrently, Radio Bomb initiates a label in 1994 with Network 23’s support. Over 40 000 EPs signed Voodoo Mix have already been sold off. He also mixes tracks for a compilation released to support the Mostar festival (Bosnia) in the course of 2002 and realizes remixes for Crystal Distortion, Sayag Jazz Machine, crossover french band Lofofora, hardcore dub french posse Burning Heads, electronic dub french crew High Tone, etc. He also develops « Cube » : a musical concept whose live performances include Philippe Garcia (Cosmic Connection & Eric Truffaz’ drummer), D'Ostance (sax/flute) and Voodoo Mix (technology).

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