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DJ Furax

Alexandre Schippers

Также известно как: Fufu, Furax, Furax Fire Force, Furaxxx
Группа в интернете: http://www.djfurax.net, http://www.myspace.com/djfuraxofficial, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-Furax/8128171551

Дискография DJ Furax:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Destruc 3 audio iTunes 2002 Atomic DJ Records
2 Sex / Power 2 audio iTunes 2001
3 Hard 69 / X-tasy 4 audio iTunes 2003-12-00 Nord-Way
4 Metrotraxx II 3 audio iTunes 2002-02-00 A&F Records
5 I Love DJ 4 audio iTunes 2003-04-22 Bel Battery Records
6 Over Power / Hard 69 RMX'04 4 audio iTunes 2004-09-08 Nord-Way
7 Hardjump 20 audio iTunes 2005 Sony Music Media
8 Hardjump 2 20 audio iTunes 2005 Sony Music Media
9 Rotation / Tiny Toy 4 audio iTunes 2005-07-10 Nord-Way
10 Vocosample 3 audio iTunes 2005-08-22 Dynamite Records
11 Hardjump 4 46 audio iTunes 2006-04-28 Digidance
12 Hardjump 5 45 audio iTunes 2006-09-00 Digidance
13 Kobalt 4 audio iTunes 2007-02-23 Atomic DJ Records
14 Le Dj N°1 Sur La Tek 41 audio iTunes 2008-05-26 Happy Music
15 Vol 1 4 audio iTunes Katmando Records
16 Jump'In Valley Volume 1 - Summer Session 2006 18 audio iTunes 2006-06-26 DJ Records
17 Our Seduction / Cubasound 5 audio iTunes 2008-09-16 Atomic DJ Records
18 My Playlist 24 audio iTunes 2008-11-14 Kytezo Productions
19 Le Mix Techno Club #3 21 audio iTunes 2005 Nord-Way
20 My Inspiration 22 audio iTunes 2012-06-21 Very Important Recordings
21 20 Years Of Music 21 audio iTunes 2013-05-23 D&A Records (2)
22 Back To The Future Retro House 3 audio iTunes DJ Records
23 Gazelle 4 audio iTunes Furax Fire Force Records
24 Acid 303 4 audio iTunes 2014-05-12 Mostiko
25 Gengar / Untouchable / Big Orgus Reloaded 4 audio iTunes 2013 Warner Dance Labels

DJ Furax started playing early 90’s when the new beat-hype started in Belgium. He started out as a resident dj in several clubs and meanwhile he did a lot of guestsets at big raves and clubs. His musicstyle varies from hardtrance till techno with a lot of retroinfluences. He is the biggest promoter of jumsptyle. A couple of years ago Furax started producing, he scored several clubhits. Especially Big orgus gave his career a real boost, it became the best sold vinyl of 2003 in France and remained in the Belgian / Dutch charts for more then 3 months! Since the release of Big orgus Furax became a real hype! Furax has his own live act where he performes his own tracks, retrotracks and currents clubhits live at stage. Furax can booked as a dj or as a live act. Furax plays also electro and minimal electro under an alias. Official biography : Date of birth: 10/11/1973 Pseudonym: Furax Projects: Redshark, Alexander Skip, Bulex, FVL, ... Official name: Alexandre Schippers Musical style: Hardstyle, trance, hard-trance, techno, specialized retro With an extreme energy level and master technique, Furax combines the various harder styles into one blend of high quality music. Passioned by music, and inspired by Amnesia, Conffeti's and Lord of Acid the talented Dj Furax started his career 15 years ago at the young age of 15. 1993 was the year of his first official performance. He has since then played with countless world famous internationals DJ’s such as Guetta, Solveig, The Prophet, Technoboy, Dana, Dee Pack & many many more. His succèss seems to be the combination of styles but we can not forget his excellence as a producer. Aside of Furax’s many Belgian residencies, he has performed for the largest organisations such as B2S, Q-Dance, ID&T, The Matrixx and at the largest festivals, let us note his participation at HardBass (NL) Decibel (NL) Qlimax (BE), Technoparade (F) The city parade (BE) Mysterland (NL), Q-base (D) Defqon 1 (NL) Emporium (NL) and Pussy Lounge (NL). His popularity exceeds our borders and his success is exported with regular invitations at the Métropolis (Paris), Temptation (Spain), The Netherlands and has even explored Russia in 2005. Furax opened his own recording studio and product under 5 labels 5 years ago. Furax, is not only a dj, but he also performs Live. He was the first to introduce Live performances in Belgium where all his compositions and remixes were carried out on real time. These LIVE acts have existed for 10 years now under the names Hip-notic 303 and more recently, Furax LIVE and FVL LIVE. He has now started with a totally new concept: A Truth LIVE, with remixes of all best hits out at the moment and retro remixes of his own compositions. His live acts have also met great success in France and in the Netherlands.

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